It is not clear whether the great man put this drawing together himself, in fact it is likely not. It does, however, offer an insight into the architectural style that was seen around this time.

The title here translates as Sistine Chapel, original appearance, 19th century print which suggests, as we believe, that it actually was a much later drawing that simply aimed to give an artist's impression of how Michelangelo would plan and design his external structures.

Michelangelo prints themselves are very popular with the public, where small cropped details of his major paintings can be displayed and enjoyed in your own home. The likes of Creation of Adam and The Last Judgement are amongst his most requested artworks. Some also prefer to choose photographic prints of his two sculpture masterpieces, namely David and Pieta.

A fine collection of the artist's own work in the field of architecture contains his major projects and examples of some of his plans and sketches. Whilst most concentrate on his work in the Sistine Chapel and his major sculptures, there is still much to appreciate and learn from his achievements in this discipline.

The breadth of work by Michelangelo is what stands out from almost all others within the Renaissance. Only Leonardo da Vinci can claim to have produced high quality art and design across so many different mediums.