The item was made from terracotta and is 41cm in height. It is often known simpy as Two Wrestlers, but some have attempted to identify the two figures and add their names into the title, some picking Hercules and Cacus, and others Samson and the Philistine. Several items within the collection of the Casa Buonarroti have attributions which have been contested and questioned many times over, but there seems no doubt that this particular sculpture is certainly the work of Michelangelo Buonarroti. This undisputed status has helped the piece to become one of the highlights of the collection, and naturally one of the most valuable pieces on display at this Florentine venue. Michelangelo himself is well represented by this location, and other parts of his career can also be found elsewhere in this cultural and historic city that continues to attract millions of tourists each and every year.

The sculpture itself captures two men in an aggressive exchange, with one sat on the floor, desperately trying to regain control of this clinch. The material below the two figures is left untouched and then the whole piece is mounted onto a wooden plinth in order to allow it to be easier to display. It is fairly small, at less than half a metre in height. This sculpture was actually uncovered alongside a number of fragments of work which are often displayed alongside it within the Casa Buonarroti. The artist received a commission for a much larger piece to be called Hercules and Cacus which was intended to be displayed alongside David. It is believed that perhaps this was a study for that, though the larger version was never completed. The study therefore gives us a great idea of what had been planned, and the final piece may have been passed onto another sculptor in the end.

Visitors to the Casa Buonarroti in Florence will have a variety of items from his career to enjoy, alongside a number of artworks from other Renaissance artists. Despite the strong competition to be found within this city, with several art museums competing for tourist attention, the name Michelangelo will always be of interest to those looking to learn more about this city's important role within the Italian Renaissance. They have also been able to add new items every now and again in order to expand their permanent display and you will notice that Two Wrestlers is promoted prominently within the venue, mainly because of the confidence connection that it has to the old master. You will also be able to enjoy the likes of Battle of the Centaurs and Madonna della scala here as well, making it well worth a visit for any Michelangelo followers.