Website Launch

Our first announcement is to celebrate the launch of the website!

After several months of design and development, we are happy with the stunning look to the website, and will extend the website as we go forward.

We have a contact page in order to get feedback from our users, as we aim to improve the site and add new features in line with what our users want.

We were delighted to find that PRWeb have taken our press release and syndicated it across the internet, helping to spread the word about our new website.

It will clearly take some time to complete this website because of the ambitious plans that we have for it - to make it the best resource on Michelangelo. We ask that visitors continue to come back frequently to see the latest additions.

This blog will be the best place to find announcements of new sections and content as the website develops into the future.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Michelangelo

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