Michelangelo.net Blog

Our Michelangelo blog will keep fans of the artist uptodate with the latest news as we continue to expand and improve this website.

The blog will cover news items such as new research discoveries as well as upcoming exhibitions of his work.

Once the rest of the website has been completed, this will be the area in which all new content appears, be it press releases or standard blog posts about related items.

Fans of Michelangelo will also be able to discover other artists here, both those from the same era plus also new artists who share a similar style to those of the Renaissance.

A key purpose of any blog should be to encourage interaction from visitors to the website and this certainly going to be the case here, with views sought on things like favourite Michelangelo works and views on any controversial elements of his life.

David Sculpture Michelangelo

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Recent Blog Posts

Website Released to the World

Our first press release announced the launch of the website and this news also became our first blog post.

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Divine Michelangelo Exhibition

Exciting touring exhibition detailing the life of Michelangelo is available for hire by Museums around the world.

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