The Last Judgement fresco was added to the Sistine Chapel by Michlangelo after his earlier work on the ceiling.

This was yet another immense piece from this talented Renaissance artist and was placed on the Altar wall, close by to the earlier commission completed by Michelangelo and his team.

Amendments were made to the appearance of Christ which some felt were too revealing for this iconic figure and Michelangelo reluctantly agreed to the changes.

This detailed painting features men and women being given their judgement by Christ as he returns for his second coming. Christ stands in the middle of a chaotic scene which understandably took several years to complete.

Michelangelo completed this fresco around 25 years after his initial work in this venue, but was somehow able to draw his earlier and later works together in a way that fitted well and gave no clues as to the gap between the two of them being completed.