Pieta was one of many Michelangelo sculptures whose brilliance ensured it was not displayed in it's originally intended purpose.

Michelangelo again took a common religious theme and added his own creativity to it, rather than simply duplicating what had already gone before.

The Pieta sculpture took in influences from French art of that era and the piece itself was commissioned by French cardinal Jean de Billheres.

The balance of ages between Jesus and Mary is unusual in this sculpture and uses artistic license to achieve the precise finish that the artist desired.

Michelangelo was a thoughtful, considered artist who also held great confidence in his own ideas, which meant he was happy to go his own way on any established theme within his different sculptures and frescos.

Michelangelo's Pieta is a classic piece of Renaissance sculpture and instantly recognisable as being from the career of this Italian 15th century genius. We offer a full history of the piece in this website, with many images and photos of the original art work available. There are also links to where you can buy your own prints and posters of the classic sculpture to add to your own wall from recommended retailer, Art.com. You can read more about David Michelangelo scuptures here as well. There is also a gallery there covering Michelangelo's full career paintings and sculptures.

Tuscan-born Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni has become a symbol of the rise of western art during the 15th century at the height of the Italian Renaissance which still inspires artists today with it's innovative and classic qualities. Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were far beyond just painters, with diverse skills covering other fields such as sculpture, architecture and poetry. As well as Pieta, Michelangelo also created David too.

Michelangelo's Pieta sculpture was created entirely in Marble, which was also what he used to create David and several other key sculptures. Pieta took the artist many months to complete during the years of 1498-99. It measures 174 cm × 195 cm (68.5 in × 76.8 in) and is currently stored at St. Peter's Basilica, in Vatican City. The sculptor actually produced several different sculptures relating to the same topic, namely Florentine Pieta or The Deposition, the Rondanini Pieta and the Palestrina Pieta.

French cardinal Jean de Billheres commissioned this elaborate sculpture and was happy to choose Michelangelo for the job as his reputation was amongst the highest of any artist in the area. The artist was clearly delighted with the final piece and went to the length of signing it, which was the first and only time he did so.

Michelangelo starred during a time which most consider the finest within the whole history of Italian art, where the country dominated all of Europe with it's new ideas for painting and sculpture.

This development was driven by the fierce competition which existed between different families and provinces across the then-divided country. This website concentrates most of Michelangelo's Pieta sculpture, but much of the rest of his career is also covered in detail.

Italian artists have long since provided important contributions to the art world, with particular prominence in sculpture and painting. Recent artists have included Amedeo Modigliani and other creative painters, spread across different art movements.

The biggest influence from Italy remains within the Renaissance and Baroque periods where they led the world and other countries like France, Spain and Germany took many years to catch up.

Pieta Michelangelo sculpture is a common religious scene and can be found in the careers of many other artists around this time.

Pieta features Christ in the arms of mother Mary after his crucifixion and is obviously a crucial moment in the history of Christianity which uses this moment in time as a way of appreciating the sacrifices made by their great lord, leading to all the devotion which they show for him in a whole multitude of ways.

We can conclude from Michelangelo's career that Pieta is amongst his finest works, with sculpture just one aspect of his overall portfolio of creative output. His reputation has grown so far that many will visit Italy from far afield in order to just see his majestic works in person.

Sadly, many of these have become damaged over time but Pieta remains in great condition and is a major attraction within the Italian cultural scene.

Creation of Adam Painting

Creation of Adam is yet another impressive art work by Michelangelo, and you can see that above, with links to where you can buy a photographic print of it online, with great prices available.

There is also a fuller gallery covering the entire career of Michelangelo including both his paintings and photos of his best sculptures and internal frescos. The best known of these frescos is of course at the Sistine Chapel.

Pieta features a normal pyramid construction with Mary's head deliberately placed at the top and centre of the of the piece, with her expression perhaps being the main centerpiece of the sculpture, as she looks on at Christ.

Michelangelo's Pieta sculpture was somewhat different in approach to how other artists of that time had done it, both with sculptures and also paintings.

Michelangelo portrayed a much younger Mary than all others had done, and this was another way in which he differentiated his career from others of that time.