St Peter's Basilica is an extraordinary architectural project within Vatican City.

This key commission was given to several leading Renaissance engineers at different times over a period of many years. Each contribution can still be seen in various elements of the completed building, and Michelangelo's influence was one of the most significant.

Michelangelo officially began work on the Basilica in 1547 and took existing plans and went about impressing his own style and creativity to take them further. The importance of this building to the religious elements of Italy and the Vatican City meant that only the best sculptors and architects would be considered to work on it, and that anyone in that field would take the opportunity without a second thought.

Many focus on the architecture work on the outside of the building, such as it's large dome, but those who get to actually visit this location will stand in awe at the items to be found within the Basilica itself.

Pieta is just one of the incredible masterpieces to be found housed here, but there is also individual detailing across the walls and ceiling which is enough to excite just by itself. Pieta is just one of the few examples of Renaissance art considered good enough to be given the priviledge of being displayed in this famous building, and also seems appropriate considering Michelangelo's involvement with both.